Tax deadline extension anti-climatic for Cornwall tax preparer

CORNWALL – A city tax preparer says an extension in the tax filing deadline is somewhat anti-climatic.

An incorrect notice sent by someone at the Canada Revenue Agency means Ottawa is once again extending the tax deadline until May 5 without penalty. It was April 30.

That’s little solace for Josee Sauve of Sauve Tax Services. “It doesn’t give me any breathing room,” Sauve said with a laugh, “it will give my clients breathing room.”

“As a tax preparer and I can tell you right now we look forward to April 30th like you wouldn’t believe. It’s a day of celebration and a day of popping the champagne cork,” Sauve tells Cornwall Newswatch.

She suggests people shouldn’t sit back and wait just because the deadline has been pushed back.

“I just had somebody bring me their taxes,” Sauve said on Tuesday, “and they’re missing papers. Now they’re scrambling. They’re having to run around town to Service Canada and all kinds of different places to get the documentation that I need. You never know when you bring your tax papers in if you’re going to be missing something.”

And for those procrastinators, Sauve has a message.

“If you wait until the last minute – whether it’s April 30 or May 5 – if something is wrong they are not going to get filed on time,” which can set you up for penalties.

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