LTE: Time to learn language by choice in order to get along

I have a concern that this entire event will play out once the country has a majority of French only citizens, the reverse action will play out from the west coast. Provinces will begin to set themselves up as English only, filter into other provinces who allow there towns, villages, cities and districts redistribute via English for election times. Any city or town near the USA will have our English commissioners turn a blind eye when they sign up and insist stores and product labeling be in English only, proposing one day even if it takes 50 years like this current French wasted project to accomplish an English proud ‘take back our country’ motto and special English only flags and banners everywhere.

Dare to enter with French speak or written dogma and be arrested or fined by the English only police, all with French tax dollars! Now, how ridiculous would the French regime think of it? Well, this is exactly why all of us who live in this same bubble of Canada, the land of free speech and constitutional rights feel is happening right now. It would be better if Quebec did in fact create their own limited bubble than to face 100 years of over burdened tax payers, forcing “Frenchification” is much harder and worse for relations with each other than to have person decisions as to whether we decide on your own to learn a language.

Choice makes all the difference. No choice presents a backlash of resentments throughout the country. Face up and fess up. Choice is the real and should be the only way to go. French to learn English, ‘by choice’. English to learn French, by choice. Gee, what a novel idea. We are all brothers and sisters on this planet island in the universe. Time to get along.

Dave Windsor
Cornwall, Ontario

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