TAG denied Lift-Off leftovers

CORNWALL – Cornwall’s The Art Gallery will not be receiving just over $12,000 left over from the cancelled Lift-Off festival.

Coun. Maurice Dupelle suggested TAG had the biggest impact by not giving funding and he heard mostly from the arts community.

TAG received $13,000 before funding was cut off.

“The money has been allocated (from the grants to outside agency program) and unfortunately the event is not going ahead. I have heard more in favour that it should be going to TAG,” Coun. Justin Towndale said in supporting the motion.

“We have given $35,000 to Your Arts Council and they have funding for the arts. We are going to give funding to them now? No. (My) colleagues are not sitting in on the discussion and that says a lot,” remarked Coun. Andre Rivette.

“Just because we have money doesn’t mean we have to spend it. It’s not just $12,000…to some that’s a significant sum,” Coun. David Murphy said.

Coun. McIntosh, quoting a Standard-Freeholder article, said TAG could go it alone without the funding. McIntosh was concerned about the money going toward litigation as the board lost two more members, he said.

In the end, the motion was defeated and the money will most likely be put away in a general reserve account.

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