South Glengarry firefighter recruits start in-house training

A fire truck from the Martintown fire station in South Glengarry. (Newswatch Group/File)

LANCASTER – South Glengarry Fire Chief Vic Leroux is “very pleased” with the turnout for a weekend volunteer firefighter recruitment drive.

Leroux says 19 people – 17 men and two women – started with the written testing and agility testing on Saturday morning at the Lancaster station.

He says the applicants were a good mix of all different areas of South Glengarry.

The chief says the next stage will be a series of weekly in-house training sessions over the next six weeks with a final interview at the end in June.

Having started in June as chief, Leroux is pleased with overseeing this recruitment drive. “From what I’ve been told, the applicants were about…six to 10…and they were holding them twice a year. Now I’m holding it once a year or as the need arises,” Leroux.

Leroux says generally about 90 per cent of applicants make it through the testing to become full-fledged volunteer firefighters, who will be deployed evenly to all five stations.

South Glengarry has 110 volunteer firefighters, spread out across the stations in Glen Walter, Martintown, Williamstown, Lancaster and North Lancaster.

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