Ghilcig charges: an apology

CORNWALL – On Tuesday April 21, 2015 Cornwall Newswatch published a story on the Crown dropping charges against Cornwall blogger Jamie Ghilcig.

In the article we had incorrectly stated that court records showed a case of death threats, filed by police on behalf of South Stormont Deputy Mayor Tammy Hart, were withdrawn by the Crown.

Hart had made a Section 810 Criminal Code application in which she had feared for her public safety. We had incorrectly referred to “death threats.” The nature of Hart’s fear for her safety was not disclosed in those court documents.

A separate case involving charges of threats to life and criminal harassment involving Michael Bedard were withdrawn by the Crown.

As a reputable news organization serving Cornwall and SD&G, we strive for the highest journalist standards under the Association of Electronic Journalists (RTDNA) and its Code of Ethics. Those include accuracy and acknowledging and correcting errors.

Cornwall Newswatch sincerely regrets the error and apologizes for it.

Bill Kingston
Cornwall Newswatch

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