Kitchen fire in Cornwall five-plex

City firefighters were called to his five-plex, behind the fire truck, on April 24, 2015 after a kitchen fire. Platoon Chief Luc Richer says the kitchen in the affected unit has extensive damage. (Cornwall Newswatch/Bill Kingston)

CORNWALL – A kitchen fire has caused extensive damage of a multiplex apartment building right across the street from CCVS.

Fourteen firefighters and five trucks were called to the 400 block of Amelia Street around 10:27 a.m., with the truck arriving four minutes later.

“The smoke was coming out of the building when we got here,” Platoon Chief Luc Richer tells Cornwall Newswatch. “Flames were visible and it stayed in the kitchen area so it didn’t get a chance to progress anywhere.”

Richer says the damage to the kitchen is extensive. “It’s done.”

He says the other apartment units were evacuated while the tenants in the unit where the fire started were not home at the time.

There were no injuries.

A man, identified as the landlord, was on the scene and was visibly distressed. He mentioned to bystanders that he did not have insurance on the building.

It’s not known whether all those living in the five-plex had tenants’ insurance.

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