Dog neglected for months; Cornwall couple pleads guilty to animal cruelty

Ontario SPCA. File photo.

CORNWALL – A Cornwall couple have pleaded guilty to three counts of animal cruelty after their Shepherd-Labrador dog had to be put down.

Patricia Lepine and Brian Quesnel pled guilty in a Cornwall court March 31 to failing to provide necessary care, permitting distress of an animal and failing to provide veterinary care.

According to the SPCA, Court heard Lepine had called the society in February stating her dog “Baby” had been sick for three months.

The dog had lost 20 pounds and also had blood in her urine and an unusual discharge, the court heard.

The SPCA says Lepine surrendered the animal after she was unable to comply with a veterinary care order.

Once a vet was able to examine “Baby,” her ailments and symptoms were so extensive the only humane option was to put the dog down.

The vet’s report stated that “Baby’s condition was a result of serious neglect.”

Lepine and Quesnel are both facing two years probation and are not allowed to own animals for 10 years.

They were also ordered to each pay a $50.00 fine and both ordered to pay half of the $650.11 in restitution to the Ontario SPCA.

A cat and another dog also had to be surrendered to the humane society as part of the court’s decision.

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