SD&G prepared for Cornwall’s tourism ‘shot across the bow’

SD&G – The United Counties is prepared to do a complete review of how it funds Cornwall and The Counties Tourism (CCT).

It comes as Cornwall councillors Andre Rivette and David Murphy are preparing a ‘shot across the bow’ letter to SD&G saying it will stop funding CCT in 2016 unless the county agrees to a “fairer funding agreement.”

The message is already being heard loud and clear by the county warden.

“After observing the city’s budget process, (we) ourselves (are) having a conversation based on what we heard about looking and reviewing tourism, the file, completely. We’re planning on having that conversation this year,” Eric Duncan tells Cornwall Newswatch.

Duncan suggests the talks will happen soon.

But he isn’t sure where the discussion will go. “I know we’re going to look at tourism and the funding options of it, for sure. I don’t know either way. If you’re asking me, do you think we are paying an unfair share, I don’t believe we do,” Duncan says.

But in Rivette and Murphy’s motion up for debate Monday night, they say the city paying 69 per cent of the cost is “not a fair funding arrangement for the services provided to the City of Cornwall.”

The city is paying $181,144 for its portion for CCT this year while the United Counties is forking over $80,623 for its portion.

The United Counties will also look at all aspects of tourism funding, including its relations with the townships, which don’t fund CCT. “I would suggest in terms of our spending on tourism, it’s just not what the counties gives Cornwall and The Counties Tourism, local municipalities are doing initiatives as well,” Duncan says.

The warden adds the topic is going to be addressed this year. “We’re having a conversation regardless of that motion (from Andre Rivette and David Murphy) anyway.”

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