Washroom will go in Morrisburg’s Earl Baker Park

MORRISBURG – Finding a washroom will be easier this summer in Earl Baker Park for parents using the soon-to-be constructed splash pad.

South Dundas council voted 4-1 Tuesday night to proceed with bids to design and build a washroom at the park to complement the construction of a splash pad.

The three-season, three-room washroom would have his and hers washrooms and a service room.

The 150 square foot building would be similar to the one at the Lost Villages in Long Sault and is expected to cost about $45,000 with the money coming from the parkland reserve fund.

It would be south of the new playground and the splash pad.

Economic Development Officer Nicole Sullivan told council they want to move quickly in order to get the first phase – the concrete support pad and underground waterworks – done at the same time as the splash pad.

The second phase would be building the actual washroom.

Mayor Evonne Delegarde was the lone vote against the project.

“I’m probably concerned about the whole concept of it. I think there is two washrooms only a 1000 feet (300 meters) away and I just can’t support putting another washroom in such close proximity to this stuff. The two washrooms that we have I think we just work on opening them a little bit more…having them more available,” the mayor said.

“It’s certainly not the flavour of council,” Delegarde conceded, “but we have a facilities review and this is going to add more to the plate. The splash pad is not going to ready until the end of June? I would rather see this wait at least a year and see what happens next year, you know, put up a port-a-potty if you want something that close.”

In the end, the mayor didn’t get her wish.

“I think the community agreed on this project and the big bucks (for the splash pad and playground),” Deputy Mayor Jim Locke said, asserting his support for the washroom.

Coun. Archie Mellan had the last laugh before the final vote. “Even though there are the washrooms within a distance, I don’t think with the splash pad and children and water. And with me walking by water and at my age, I can’t wait a thousand feet…” Mellan’s statement trailed off as the council chambers burst into laughter.

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