Morrisburg woman fined in dog deaths

Ontario SPCA. File photo.

MORRISBURG – A Morrisburg woman has been fined in the death of a dog and several puppies.

Susanne Donaldson pleaded guilty three weeks ago to causing and permitting distress to an animal, and failing to provide proper veterinary care.

Court heard SPCA officers were called in September to a Morrisburg home where Donaldson told investigators she had just had her three-year-old Boxer put down.

The dog had given birth to 11 puppies that week and had not been eating or drinking for several days. Investigators later discovered the mother dog was in poor physical condition and was emaciated. The dog also suffered from complications during the birthing of the puppies.

As for the 11 pups – three were stillborn and one died before OSPCA officers were on the scene.

Donaldson surrendered the puppies, which were foul smelling and had open wounds on their tails from an attempt at tail docking, says the OSPCA.

Despite efforts of the human society, veterinarians and foster homes, all of them died.

Donaldson was sentenced March 23 and has to pay a $500 fine. She will be on probation for two years and has to pay $120.68 restitution.

She’s also been banned from owning animals for five years.

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