COMMENTARY: Hillary Clinton could be GOP’s godsend

I’m Bill Kingston with today’s commentary. Sunday was the biggest non-surprise announcement that Hillary Clinton is going to run for president of the United States. But if Clinton thinks she will ever be president she will have to clear up the email scandal and also come clean about what she really knew about the Benghazi attacks that killed a U.S. diplomat. Those issues are part and parcel of each other – the emails could shed light on Benghazi but we may never know because she supposedly deleted them. Democrats could do a lot better than recycling another name through the White House – or maybe that’s a good think for the Republicans. If the GOP lays off this self-righteous Dem for now, a good GOP candidate could easily beat her in 2016, if she’s picked as the Democratic nominee. Benghazi and the email scandal are issues that are not going to go away – they have staying power – and will weigh on Clinton for the 2016 campaign. Hillary may just be a gift to conservatives.

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