Accused cat abuser to enter guilty plea

This young female cat was found nearly beaten to death behind the Brookdale Arms apartment complex on Brookdale Ave. on Jan. 19, 2015. The cat wasn't expected to survive but she's making a miraculous recovery with vet treatment. (Photo/OSPCA)

CORNWALL – A man accused of nearly beating a cat to death outside the Brookdale Arms in January is expected to enter a guilty plea this month.

Lance Burgess, 24, of Brookdale Avenue was arrested shortly after an OSPCA investigation into the abuse of two cats.

They were found behind a dumpster at the apartment complex Jan. 19.

A female calico cat cheated death and made a miraculous recovery. The other black cat is okay.

Burgess is charged with one count of causing unnecessary pain, suffering or injury to an animal, one count of wounding and injuring an animal, two counts of abandoning an animal in distress, and two counts of failing to provide adequate food, water, shelter and care.

Court documents show Burgess is scheduled to appear in court April 16 to enter a guilty plea.

Once the court makes a decision on sentencing, it will determine the future home for the two felines, which were last reported to be in the custody of the OSPCA.

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