Two longtime Winchester nurses retire

Linda Johnson and Gwen Coleman are two nurses at Winchester District Memorial Hospital. Both are retiring after more than three decades at the hospital. (Photo/WDMH)

WINCHESTER – Two longtime nurses at the Winchester District Memorial Hospital are hanging up their caps.

Gwen Coleman has worked at the hospital for 34.5 years and remembers her first day in the ER, where she has stayed her entire career at WDMH.

“I worked the evening shift and I was the only nurse there. The head nurse headed home, assuring me she was just five minutes away and could come anytime,” Coleman says.

For Linda Johnson, it’s been 32 years, in every clinical area and the chemotherapy unit since 1998.

“I’ve had a wonderful career and I am grateful for all of the opportunities I’ve had at WDMH,” she says.

The CEO of the hospital says both women exemplify the values of quality, teamwork, compassion and respect.

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