LTE: ‘Race is hardly over’ for Liberal nomination

Liberal nomination candidate Korey Kalsi speaks to party faithful at a dinner at the Knights of Columbus on Jan. 21, 2015. (Cornwall Newswatch/Randi Belec)

The race for the Liberal Party nomination in Stormont-Dundas-South Glengarry has hit high gear with the entry of Bernadette Clement into the race. As a long time Liberal, having a healthy contest for the nomination will only strengthen our party. We will have an energetic exchange of ideas and debates which will serve to add fuel to the fire of hope and optimism which has been ignited by Justin Trudeau.

While nomination races end up putting members into different camps, at the end of the day we are all members of the same team with the same goal: return a Liberal to Ottawa as our Member of Parliament. I proudly campaigned for Ms. Clement in the 2011 election. Should she win the nomination I will gladly do so again. However, the race is hardly over. In fact, it has only just begun. I’d like to take this moment to share why I was the first to join “Team Kalsi”.

I have had the good fortune to call Corey Kalsi my best friend for 25 years. We grew up in South Glengarry, attended school together, and went our separate paths in university only to have us both come back home. Corey loves this community. I’ve seen him roll up his sleeves to work on behalf of his family business, devote countless hours to causes such as Team Cornwall and the Cornwall Hospital Foundation and even more than that to the hundreds of students he has taught as a teacher for the CDSBEO.

With a background in business and education, Corey knows the key to success is teamwork. Campaigning under the theme of “Unity”, he is advocating for greater cooperation between the City of Cornwall and the rural surroundings. The bridge to Akwesasne should serve to connect us with our First Nations friends, not deter or prevent us from working together. Furthermore, we need to create a strong and sustaining economic system that encourages our youth to stay in the area. What benefits one area of our riding will have positive spin-off for the other areas. I am thrilled to see him campaigning with the intent of building up what unites us, not playing off fears and trying to divide us. Don’t take it just from me; please explore or contact him directly at

In closing, Ms. Clement does enjoy the benefit of instant name recognition. That said, community involvement takes many forms and I urge people to find out more about Team Kalsi before making up their minds. Any cyclist knows a good race is a marathon and not a sprint. See you at the finish line!

Ryan MacKay
Campaign Manager & CFO
Team Corey Kalsi

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