Sewer backs up in Cornwall social housing

Some of the units at the Glenview Heights social housing complex. A sewer backup affected seven units in this complex on March 29, 2015. (Photo/Google Streetview)

CORNWALL – Some tenants of a Cornwall social housing complex spent the weekend cleaning up sewage in their basements.

A sewer line blocked near the Glenview Heights row house complex on Hamilton Crescent on Sunday.

Cornwall and Area Housing Corporation General Manager Peggy Fulton tells Cornwall Newswatch seven units at 560 Hamilton Crescent were affected.

“There was no actual damage to the units other than some sewer backup coming up into the basement. But that’s been cleaned up and the basements have been disinfected. In fact, most of the tenants had their basements cleaned up prior to us going in on Monday morning with the company to do the disinfecting,” Fulton says.

“We brought in DBC Environmental and they cleared the blockage,” she added.

Fulton says recent changes require mandatory content insurance for social housing with some liability insurance “to some degree.”

Fulton says the cost of the cleanup and disinfecting was covered by CAHC while any damaged articles and belongings would be covered by the tenants.

“It was a joint effort. The tenants were very good and they worked to get the water out of the basements while the guys were working to clean the sewer line so it was a very good effort on both parts, I was really pleased with the tenant’s efforts to minimize the damage,” Fulton says.

Glenview Heights consists of 125 units on 560 Hamilton Crescent and 460 Leitch Drive. They are a mix of two, three and four bedroom apartments.

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