Tepid Earth Hour in Cornwall

CORNWALL – While there was a noticeable drop in power use in Cornwall during Earth Hour, customers appeared to be no more into the event than last year.

“We looked at Earth Hour this year and compared it to last year and it’s a fairly small margin. It’s about one per cent but there’s a lot of variables that go into it,” Regional Manager Mike Pescod tells Cornwall Newswatch.

Earth Hour ran 8:30 p.m. Saturday night (March 28) where people were encouraged to turn off their lights and non-essential electronics to recognize their impact on the planet.

Pescod says the effect of the energy conservation campaign was about the same as it was last year.

He says the power savings would equal the power use for 200 houses.

Cornwall Electric has 23,800 customers in Cornwall, South Glengary, South Stormont and the Ontario portion of Akwesasne.

Earth Hour, which started in 2007, also had disappointing results in British Columbia, Toronto recorded its worst participation year ever and power use actually went up in Calgary.

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