Cornwall sporting its best at Toronto Expo

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TORONTO – Whether it’s the Canadian Golden Gloves or the upcoming Fred Page Cup, Cornwall has been host to some major sporting events.

Now, the city is hoping to attract other activities as officials attend the Sport Event Congress in Toronto, starting today and running through Wednesday.

The event, which attracts 400 delegates every year, allows sport organizers to meet one-on-one with municipal representatives about hosting events.

“Cornwall has a long history of successfully hosting major sporting events across a number of sports,” says Senior Development Officer Bob Peters, “These events can bring in hundreds of athletes, coaches and officials, and attract thousands of spectators. The economic impact of such activity is significant.”

Reps from Cornwall economic development, recreation, Cornwall and the Counties Tourism, and Nav Center are there.

The city is also unveiling a new 12-page brochure at the event highlighting different hosting venues and attractions including the Benson Center and the Curling Center.

Speaking of recognition, Cornwall’s Benson Center recently attracted the attention of a pickleball player from Ottawa who is doing research on building a similar combined-court facility for racquet sports in the nation’s capital or Gatineau.

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