LTE: Potential for major tourist attraction

Dear Editor,

I really hope the bridge demolition leaves a span between two pillars. This way we can have a set of stairs up one side and down the other. Use a covering over the very top preventing exit access for jumpers between the two pillars and providing some shelter for visitors/tourists.

On the former Domtar properties, I would also like to see a transition station for Winnebago’s and other trailers for dumping and replenishing with gas and confectioneries as well as perhaps a meal or two before heading north or south. Note, I would not recommend long term stays.

In between the two former Domtar smoke stakes a large Big Apple restaurant and tourist store for Indian, Canadian and, yes, American gifts.

One stack (the north one) could represent the future with a mock up of a space ship while the other can represent the current and the past with a mock up painted on it of a giant totem pole. This could become a major draw for new businesses and pulling people into and around Cornwall. You want tourist attractions? Well, here is a golden opportunity. A large ferris wheel and a few rides with a duck pond and, a creek with a walkover bridge too. Any other ideas folks? Of course a lighted logo on or above the span between the pillars would say Welcome to the Metropolis of Cornwall (or simply Cornwall). It is not too late to shift other plans, or is it?

Dave Windsor
Cornwall, Ontario

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