COMMENTARY: Canada should clamp down on Islamic State

I’m Bill Kingston with today’s commentary. Prime Minister Harper is meeting with NATO’s secretary general today (Monday). The two are expected to talking about the rising tensions with Russia and the growing threat of the Islamic State. Harper plans to ask the House of Commons to extend and expand Canada’s military involvement this week and the word behind the scenes is that it will likely involve Syria. We shouldn’t be giving this a second thought whether we want to rub out a militant group that is beheading Americans, Britons and Christians. The same group has also wished death of this country and other western nations. The last thing we want to do is remain complaisant as Canadian teens and young adults are being radicalized and are trying to make their way over to Syria to join ISIS. We are also fighting a battle from within. With a group this terrible, this is not a time to be soft by analyzing root causes and wondering if these are misunderstood or disenfranchised people. They’re not. They’re killers and it’s a case of kill or be killed.

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