Farm going into yogurt production

(Newswatch Group/Bill Kingston, File)

SOUTH DUNDAS – A dairy operation on Waddell Road, about 13 kilometers northwest of Morrisburg, is branching out into yogurt production and sales.

NewCare Farms, owned by the Biemond family, is building an 8,200 square foot yogurt-making operation on their property, which will have a retail storefront.

Construction of the $1.5 million plant started in October and its cleared all the regulatory hurdles to allow the farm to use its own milk.

Production at the Upper Canada Creamery is slated to begin sometime this summer – the realization of a decade-old family dream.

It will make organic pro-biotic yogurt from the milk of the farm’s 35 grass-fed cows, coupled with Italian freeze-dried culture.

The family tells the Chesterville Record they would like to expand into cheese production down the road.

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