‘Cautious hiring pace’ for jobs in Cornwall: Manpower

CORNWALL – The latest survey of employer intentions by Manpower shows the jobs picture isn’t improving all that much heading into spring.

The Manpower Employment Outlook survey released Tuesday shows 20 per cent of businesses asked in Cornwall planned to hire from April through June.

Seven per cent are anticipating cutbacks and almost quarters of those asked (73 per cent) planned to keep the same staff they have now.

The net employment outlook is down six percentage points from the previous quarter (January-March).

The national data is very similar to Cornwall.

The national hiring climate is “modest” with 18 per cent of employers surveyed planning to hire, five per cent are planning cutbacks, 75 per cent were keeping the same staff and two per cent were unsure.

The strongest prospects for jobs this spring are in finance, insurance and real estate, says Manpower.

There were 1,900 Canadian businesses polled for the survey but the number of Cornwall businesses asked wasn’t available.

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