COMMENTARY: Do away with Daylight Saving Time

I’m Bill Kingston with today’s commentary. Daylight Saving Time started yesterday and you’re probably still finding clocks that have not been “sprung forward.” With most of Asia, Africa, South America and Australia not on Daylight Saving Time it’s time to end the archaic practice of switching clocks back and forth twice a year. Saskatchewan seems to function properly for years without using DST. It was thought that switching time was a way to save energy, but the U.S. National Bureau of Standards found no significant savings and that was back in the 1970s. More often the risks far outweigh the benefits with people feeling not up to par the day after losing an hour’s sleep and studies have shown the number of traffic accidents increases in the weeks after switching the clocks ahead. It’s one of those practices we have done because we have always done it and there’s no earthly good to continue. It’s time to break the cycle and keep the clock on one time year-round.

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