South Dundas issues statement about grain terminal building permit

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The Municipality of South Dundas issued the following release with regard to the issuance of a building permit for a grain terminal on Lakeshore Drive:

Council and staff of the Corporation of the Municipality of South Dundas have received many inquiries concerning the issuance of a building permit at 11610 County Road 2. As a result of the inquiries, Council wishes to clarify certain aspects of the building permit process.

The issuance of building permits is governed by the Building Code Act. The Chief Building Official, while appointed by Council, is given authority under the Building Code Act in order that they remain impartial and independent from the Municipality’s interests. The actions and decisions of the Chief Building official are therefore mandated by statute. Council should not, and cannot, interfere with the decisions of the Chief Building Official.

If and when the Chief Building Official is satisfied that an application for a building permit meets all applicable law, he or she is required to issue the permit. In the case of the building permit for the Morrisburg Dock Expansion Inc. Property, as with all other permits, the Chief Building Official carried out the required due diligence, including obtaining legal advice and professional planning advice confirming that the application met existing zoning requirements. Council has been advised that upon being satisfied that all applicable law had been met, the Chief Building official issued the permit as required by the Building Code Act.

An Application has now been issued and served appealing the decision of the Chief Building Official to issue the permit. As this matter is now before the Courts no further comment will be made by the Municipality.

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