LTE: Blancher spews ‘drivel’ about grain operation

Dear Editor:

I would have thought that Mr. Blancher would have ascertained his facts before spewing such drivel.

He should review the application for an Environmental Certificate which clearly shows four huge elevators, not bins, with plans for two more, all on the north side of the road. There have been no plans showing how the grain will get across the road to the ships.

Secondly, a dock was in place in 1958 and yes oil was brought in by ships. Then the owner started filling in around the dock (something that would never be allowed today without strict controls) to bring and store salt, which at that time was not a permitted use. Rather than fight a costly court battle, the council of the day allowed the salt to stay with several restrictions that the owner has failed to abide by.

Since then, the town decided it didn`t want heavy, noisy, polluting industry on the site and restricted the zoning to light industrial.

I invested in my property just two years ago based on that zoning that restricts heavy traffic, air emission, building heights, noise, dust, etc. I have no problem with using the port within the restrictions of that zoning. If the town wants to allow this operation then they must insist on a rezoning.

Your train track comparison is not a good one. I might build near a train track because I love trains. It doesn`t mean that I should expect a huge noisy, dusty heavy industrial operation to set up shop nearby on inappropriately zoned land just because the tracks are there.

Yours truly,
Linda Nowicki

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