Cool spring in store for Cornwall, SD&G: TWN

The Weather Network is calling for a cool spring across Ontario, including SD&G. (Photo/The Weather Network)

SD&G – If you were hoping for warmer temperatures coming into spring across SD&G you may be in for a disappointment.

The Weather Network has released its spring outlook Tuesday and it looks like winter’s icy grip isn’t ready to let go.

Much like last year, spring will be somewhat delayed.

The forecast is calling for below normal temperatures through March, April and May, as the jet stream dips into the northeastern U.S., allowing cold Arctic air to sink into all of Ontario and most of Quebec.

The other factor is all the snow on the ground and the ice cover on the Great Lakes, said chief meteorologist Chris Scott.

That would set the region up for some late-season snowfalls or snowstorms, especially in March.

There may be some relief at times as shots of warm air from the Midwest U.S., filter into Ontario, but it will be cool overall.

The average temperature in Eastern Ontario (based on the Ottawa temperature from TWN) will be about 5.8 degrees with a historical high of 11 and a low of 0.5 Celsius.

The average high for Cornwall climbs from near zero Celsius during the first week of March to 22 degrees by May 31. The average low climbs from minus 9 on March 1 to 11.2 degrees on May 31 (the average temperature climb is one to two degrees per week as we progress through spring).

But precipitation is expected to be about normal.

Average rainfall for March through May is 188 millimeters and average snowfall is 42 centimeters.

Spring officially arrives at 6:45 p.m. on March 20.

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