Council caps outside agency funding

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CORNWALL – Coun. David Murphy says he’s been trying to get a cap on outside agency funding for years.

And Monday, councillors made his wish come true, as the budget committee agreed to cap funding at $525,000, based on a motion from Coun. Elaine MacDonald.

There are a dozen groups asking for a total of $719,437 this year.

Councillors also learned the in-kind city services eat up nearly $60,000 in city resources, thought that cost right now is embedded in departmental budgets, such as parks and recreation.

However, a motion to include that in the $525,000 failed.

“That’s going to come back to bite us,” said Coun. Andre Rivette.

Coun. Maurice Dupelle, who voted against the cap, says the move is premature considering some groups have been advanced money for January through March and there would be no avenue to claw back funding.

Coun. MacDonald, who moved for the cap, was later appalled by the discussion about cutting services. “Oh my God. Let’s cancel summer,” saying adding the $60,000 to the cap would have caused festivals to fight over fewer dollars.

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