LTE: The Emperor has no clothes

In reviewing the papers, hearing the gossip and assessing on my own thoughts, it has become painfully obvious that a city, our city has become part and parcel to an entrapment within the elements of our budgeting processes and that intimidation, blackballing, entitlements have a higher support or empowerment at whim and at will the dollars needed to allow for a functioning elite and aristocracy of sorts where rob the poor to feed the coffers of the more well to do has become the norm. Things have already gotten out of mindless hand.

This is through little to no fault of any parties on any side of these important issues. In an oligarchy which is as near a dictatorship as can be, or where one level of government or unionized henchmen have little to now concern for this situation they have caused towns and cities throughout the province, if not the world, we have all lost our balance.

The ying and the yang of it is frankly out of whack or downright crazy with power that our elected officials no longer have the authoritative power, let alone the will to resolve impassible if not impossible changes that would strike a budget that was fair and appropriate to all.

We are not going to have the problem in the future, as the issues are facing us squarely on the queue ball NOW, thus Our Emperor Has No Clothes. Neither the Mayor nor our council will resolve this problem and we will see a 4 to 5% tax hike regardless. Empathy will be sought from the citizens to accept and understand and that this sort of thing will continue at a higher than inflation rate in the years to come due next to major infrastructure requirements that have already surpassed their life span. We then will be putting out different kinds of fires like flooding and pot holes big enough to sink a bus.

Bottom line for those on fixed income or income lower than the inflationary pressures is to sell off their assets ASAP to higher income earners who can better afford the higher costs of paying the pipers. Sad, but this folly is true. Ominous isn’t it.

Dave Windsor

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