Outside agencies asking for 36% more starting Friday

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CORNWALL – Cornwall community agencies will be lining up Friday to plea their case to the Cornwall budget committee for city tax dollars.

There are nine so-called “outside agencies” scheduled to make presentations:

  • SD&G Historical Society
  • Centre Culturel de Cornwall
  • Centre Charles-Emile Claude
  • Cornwall Regional Airport
  • Parade of Nations for the Developmentally Challenged
  • Cornwall Seaway Lions Club Ribfest
  • Counselling and Support Services of Stormont, Dundas and Glengarry
  • Terry Muir on behalf of Cornwall Lift-Off/Santa Claus Parade/Kinsmen in Motion
  • Cornwall Triathlon

Some of the groups are making a formal request for city services (called in-kind services), which have already been incorporated into city departmental budgets.

Others are asking for money; there’s a dozen groups asking for $719,437.

Last year, the city gave $528,500 to nine outside agencies.

This year’s ask for public dollars is 36 per cent more than was given out in 2014.

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