Historian crowd-funding monument for House of Refuge inmates

Cornwall historian Sara Lauzon is fundraising for a monument to mark the burial spot of the House of Refuge inmates. She hopes to have a ceremony in June. (Cornwall Newswatch/Randi Belec)

CORNWALL – A city historian is taking her research to a whole new level – monument fund raiser.

Sara Lauzon has started a campaign to build a monument to mark where the 906 House of Refuge inmates were buried.

At the same time, she’s been doing research for a book on the house, which she announced in January.

Lauzon discovered that there was no marker where bodies unearthed in 1985 to make way for what is now known as Gretchen Court had been re-buried.

She says a second exhumation happened in 1997 for an addition to the Versa Care nursing home.

Lauzon has an ambitious time line with a goal of having the monument placed and a small ceremony in June – marking the 20th anniversary of the reburials at the St. Lawrence Valley Seaway Cemetery.

You can find out more about donating to the monument on Sara Lauzon’s website.

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