COMMENTARY: Time to take the vaccine

I’m Bill Kingston with today’s commentary. Some parents are choosing to not vaccinate their children while the measles virus continues to sweep across North America. They claim religious or personal beliefs as exemptions. Thanks to the internet – and not science – the anti-vaccine crusade has reached new levels. And, unfortunately, there’s a bend-over-backward mentality to cater to the needs of the minority instead of addressing the safety of the majority. Schools and day care centers should be taking a stand. I understand you have a need for personal choice. But if you don’t want to get your vaccine when your children shouldn’t be coming to class and don’t come to the day care. This is especially true in places where children under the age of one can be put at risk because they’re too young to have a vaccine such as the measles inoculation. It’s time we take the advice of medical professionals instead of pretending to know what to do based on what we’ve “learned” on the internet.

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