Coun. Rivette has change of heart on bike lanes

Line painting workers scrub out the yellow center line on Second Street East between Marlborough Ave. and McConnell Ave. on Oct. 8, 2014. The city repainted a section of the street to add bicycle lanes. (Cornwall Newswatch)

CORNWALL – Coun. Andre Rivette says he will “give it a shot” and let the bike lanes on Second Street East stay for at least a year.

Rivette, who had supported Mark MacDonald’s motion to reconfigure the section of street back to a four-lane traffic setup, had a change of heart Friday afternoon.

The veteran councillor theorized that the $35,500 cost to revert Second Street East – which is largely the cost of paint – could be something revisited a year from now, thus giving the new setup a trial run.

A report given to budget members basically conceded the introduction of the bicycles lanes wasn’t executed perfectly because they were put in just before winter.

“We’re heard a lot of about the community about this,” said infrastructure GM John St. Marseille as the budget committee reviewed the bike lane report Friday afternoon. “We really have value added in incorporating the bike lane,” said public works manager Bill de Wit, referring to the added use for scooters and mopeds.

“The bike lanes are here to stay,” Coun. Claude McIntosh added. “I realize it’s new and drivers have to adjust and cyclists have to adjust.”

Coun. Rivette also asked about the section between Nick Kaneb Drive and St. Felix Street which has no bike lanes. “It doesn’t look like this on paper.”

De Wit said the section of street is a new configuration and “if you put a bike lane, you have a very wide lane and no center turning lane.”

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