Fire, building, roads departments over budget on overtime in 2014: report

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CORNWALL – An analysis of the city’s overtime costs shows only five of the city’s 17 departments went over budget with respect to overtime costs in most of 2014.

The figures from the city’s finance office only cover 11 months of the year (December 2014 numbers were not finalized when the report was compiled).

It shows the fire department spend $353,488 in overtime, while it had budgeted $163,469 for the entire year. The department had challenges last year with some members on long term sick leave.

The building services department also clocked in $33,644 of OT while it had budgeted $14,697.

A nasty winter in 2014 resulted in the roads department ending up with $128,700 in overtime costs by Nov. 30 while it had budgeted $111,545 for the year.

There were also minor overruns in the finance and human resources departments.

As a result of the overruns, the fire and building departments are asking for 17 per cent and 37 per cent increases in their overtime budgets respectively.

The report will be tabled at the budget committee meeting Friday morning at 9 a.m. at city hall.

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