Councillor moves to remove bike lanes from Second Street

Line painting workers scrub out the yellow center line on Second Street East between Marlborough Ave. and McConnell Ave. on Oct. 8, 2014. The city repainted a section of the street to add bicycle lanes. (Cornwall Newswatch)

CORNWALL – The Cornwall councillor is making a move to restore Second Street to a four-lane thoroughfare.

In an email to city hall, Mark MacDonald says he wants staff to prepare a report on the cost of restoring Second Street East.

MacDonald says the “issue of new bike paths on Second Street East has been causing a number of problems.”

Coun. Andre Rivette indicated by email Monday afternoon he will backstop MacDonald’s motion so that it will come up for debate at council.

The new configuration of Second Street with two lanes and two bike lanes has been a sore spot with a number of people in the city, who registered their displeasure through social media.

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