Cornwall hospital introduces pagers

These hospital pagers will be given to patients, especially young ones, so parents will be notified when their children are out of the OR. (Photo/CCH)

Randi Belec

CORNWALL – The Cornwall Community Hospital (CCH) has introduced pagers for waiting families. These pagers were introduced into the operating room waiting area; families of people in surgery will be given a pager to notify them when surgery is over.

The intention of the pager is to decrease stress for family and friends while waiting on a procedure.

“Not being confined to a waiting area is just another way we are improving the overall hospital experience,” said Kelly Shaw, Director of Surgery and Nursing Informatics. “They [the pagers] save time and are far less disruptive permitting our staff to be more efficient, while offering comfort to the patient’s family knowing they’ll be notified right away when their child is out of surgery.”

The pagers were brought in last month for trial, during day surgery with children in mind. Common operations like a tonsillectomy or other dental surgeries can take 90 minutes. The pagers give parents the freedom to leave the waiting area, and relax knowing they will still be notified when their child is out of surgery. CCH staff has already noticed a difference in the waiting rooms, with less congested traffic and more satisfied visitors.

“With six new operating rooms, cutting edge digital equipment, a new emergency department with increased volume capacity, and new technology constantly being implemented, CCH is proving it is not just sustaining all the amenities it offers, it is improving upon them,” CCH said in a news release.

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