Big news for local students

Randi Belec

CORNWALL – A new bursary has come available for Cornwall, Brockville, Kingston and area students. St. Lawrence College (SLC) has received a $2 million donation for bursaries from The Joyce Foundation.

This donation is made in the name of Ed Lumley, a nationally recognized business man and former Member of Parliament from Cornwall. Lumley is a trustee on the Joyce Foundation Board as well as friend to Ron Joyce.

“This is to offer students the opportunity to succeed in college,” says Glen Vollebregt, President and CEO of St. Lawrence College. “This bursary is meant to open up access to St. Lawrence College.”

The bursaries will be up to $3,000 per year, and meant for students in these communities, and surrounding areas, coming out of high school and into college. Details regarding the application process will be available shortly, although students will be required to find a mentor to help them through their journey to success.

“For some students the opportunity to go to college is a challenge because of the many barriers they face. The Trustees on The Joyce Foundation Board truly believe in helping kids attain higher education because when education is more accessible, everyone benefits,” says Ron Joyce.

SLC has found through studies that “students who complete a two year program will see an increase of $13,500 in their net worth compared to just high school,” says Vollebregt.

These bursaries are meant to open up access to the college for local students, making it easier for local youth to further their education. The bursaries will be available for the upcoming fall term in September 2015.

“We are honoured to receive such a generous gift that speaks to the importance of investing in our communities. This endowment will go a long way towards helping students from our catchment area reach their goal of attaining a post-secondary education at St. Lawrence College,” says Vollebregt.

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