Update on cat beating case expected within days: OSPCA

This young female cat was found nearly beaten to death behind the Brookdale Arms apartment complex on Brookdale Ave. on Jan. 19, 2015. The cat wasn't expected to survive but she's making a miraculous recovery with vet treatment. (Photo/OSPCA)

CORNWALL – The Ontario SPCA is expected to release more information in the coming days on a cat found beaten nearly to death behind the Brookdale Arms Monday night.

OSPCA Agent Brad Dewer tells Cornwall Newswatch a Cornwall police officer found two cats and called in SPCA officials. Both agencies are working on the case but the SPCA is taking the lead on the investigation, said Dewer.

One cat – a young female – was severely injured and wasn’t expected to make it through the night but is making a miraculous recovery. “It has made progress with the treatments being provided by the veterinarians,” said Dewer. The other cat was okay.

He says Cornwall police have been following up on tips from the public. “The officers engaged in the investigation have been reaching out to those who have come forward with information. They’re just going through that initial process of the investigation. Hopefully, within the next few days, we might an update that we can provide,” Dewer said.

The exact details of the cat’s injuries and where it was found in relation to the dumpster behind the Brookdale Arms apartment complex are being withheld to protect the integrity of the investigation.

The future of the cats and whether they will be adopted is up in the air.

“At this point, the ownership of the animals still belongs to the original owner. Ontario SPCA has custody of the animals and so there is a process we’ll have go through in which the judge or justice will have to render a decision on that ownership of the animal,” Dewer said. If the animal ownership goes to the SPCA, Dewer says both cats will be put up for adoption.

But when asked if the owner had been located, Dewer would not say, citing the active investigation.

The OSPCA is still asking people who have information to come forward by calling their hotline at 310-SPCA or Cornwall police at 613-933-5000.

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