Paramedics making house calls

Community Paramedicine Coordinator Michelle McMillan, left, with Paramedic Randy Lalonde. Click photo to enlarge. (Photo/City of Cornwall)

CORNWALL – Eleven local paramedics will now be making house calls to at-risk residents in Cornwall and SD&G.

It’s called the Community Paramedic Program and it will be focusing on some residents in the community including seniors and people with chronic conditions.

The pilot project, which is being funded by the Ministry of Health, is running until the end of July.

SD&G is one of 30 Ontario communities taking part.

The goal is to reduce people heading back into the hospital ER and the added workload for paramedics to transport them there.

“We are looking to intervene and provide support when needed before a crisis arrives,” said Michelle McMillan, Community Paramedicine Coordinator.

The clients are selected by EMS officials through 911 call screening, the local hospitals and doctors in the community.

Requests from the public are not being considered right now.

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