United Way campaign finishes at 94%

SD&G – The extended United Way campaign wrapped up Tuesday reaching 94 per cent of its $707,070 goal.

The campaign to raise funds for 16 area agencies had been extended until Jan. 9 after it looked like the campaign wouldn’t reach its target on Dec. 19, 2014.

“The generosity of our community is helping us to look after our neighbours and friends,” said 2014 Campaign Chairman Nolan Quinn. “The support is overwhelming and it’s obvious we take of each other in SDG. We are truly grateful and thank all of our contributors.”

“We would like to thank our community for their tremendous generosity,” said Executive Director Lori Greer. “We have received just over $664,000 of support – we definitely have reason to celebrate this result. We will be creative to do our best to maintain the same level of funding to our agencies and continue to help people here at home.”

United Way Board Chairman Danny Aikman also praised the work of Quinn and Luc Lacelle for leading the campaign.

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