SD&G budgets at various stages

Randi Belec

SD&G – With the first few weeks of 2015 under their belt, the townships of SD&G are at various stages of setting their annual budgets. These budgets will set the capital and operating expenses for 2015.

It appears North Dundas was early out of the gate, as it started working on its initial draft budget in December. They have presented the township council with a number of budget options to consider in advance of the next town council meeting on Tuesday (Jan. 20).

South Dundas has just begun the internal drafting process and expects the completed budget in early March. Due to recent changes to the town council, focus is on strategic planning which will dictate the upcoming projects and priorities. Strategic planning will be held in early February which will set the schedule for budget meetings.

North Stormont has not started a draft budget, although the fiscal blueprint is expected to be completed and passed during one of the township council meetings in April – either April 14 or 18.

South Stormont is in the preliminary stages of drafting a budget. The first budget meeting will be Tuesday (Jan. 20) at which they will be offering the town council several different budgeting options.

North Glengarry has started the budgeting process although they have not had public meetings as of yet, but are expected to hold one sometime this month.

South Glengarry has set a council meeting for Monday (Jan. 19) to discuss the capital budget; officials do not expect the finalized budget until early March.

With many of the township budgets underway, residents can expect to see the results within the next few months.

As SD&G is a two-tier municipality, this is only setting out the tax implications for homeowners in each individual township and municipality.

The upper-tier government of the United Counties of SD&G – which handles county-wide responsibilities such as county roads, O.P.P. and its share of land ambulance – will hold a two-day budget meeting, likely sometime in late February.

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