Less living space built in South Stormont in 2014

(Newswatch Group/File)

LONG SAULT – While South Stormont saw more homes built in 2014 the actual amount of living space in the township dropped.

Year-end statistics from the township’s building department show permits were issued to build 55 single family homes, compared to 46 in 2013.

But the number of the living units in the municipality dropped by 20, partly because no one built any row-houses or apartments last year (three permits for row-houses and two apartment permits were issued in 2013).

There was a 20 permit jump for additions and renovations (69-2014 vs. 49-2013) and a slight increase for permission to build accessory buildings, such as garages (33-2014 vs. 26-2013).

South Stormont issued a total of 227 permits in 2014 for $21.4 million in work, up from 181 permits for $19.5 million in construction in 2013.

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