2015 Travel Guide to increase tourist traffic

The cover of the Cornwall and the Counties 2015 Travel Guide. (Photo/Choose Cornwall)

Randi Belec

SD&G – Cornwall and the Counties Tourism (CCT) has released this year’s updated Travel Guide.

The guide, which was converted to a full sized magazine in 2013, has had a very welcome response say the producers.

The annual guide holds a diverse amount of information, photos and articles that would pique the interest of any potential visitors. The variety of information includes, but is not limited to, listings of restaurants, accommodations, attractions, as well as a calendar of events.

Due to positive feedback and successful distribution in 2014, CCT is going to produce 5,000 more French and English guides than were printed last year.

As for distribution, 20,000 are going to be inserted in the West Island newspaper, The Chronicle, another another 5,000 are going to the City of Gatineau. The CCT will also be attending three outdoor and travel trade shows within the area to generate interest.

“Trade shows are an excellent way for us to engage with our target market,” explains Linda Wilson, Executive Director of Cornwall and the Counties Tourism. “We have had great success with these trade shows in the past, and we see great value in reaching the outdoor and family travelers in the Montreal and Ottawa markets.”

2015 Travel Guides will be available at the Cornwall and the Counties Visitor Information Centre at 691 Brookdale Avenue, as well as Visitor Information kiosks across Cornwall and SDG.

For more information visit www.cornwalltourism.com

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