A tasty end to Cornwall’s cold winter

Randi Belec

CORNWALL – Bastion Hospitality is at it again and organizing a winter food festival in March.

It’s in response to the successful summer festival, where close to 1,000 meals were sold and many of the six restaurants sold out seating during the week.

“The response was phenomenal, we were blown away” says Sebastien Manigat, Bastion Hospitality, about the summer festival. “Our goals for this one is to double the number of restaurants participating and expand the reach to include more restaurants within Seaway Valley.”

The festival is from March 3 to March 7. Manigat will have the participant list finalized by mid-February. A week prior to the opening, all of the menus will be on the website, giving customers a chance to make informed decisions and book a seat in advance.

The festival will be hosted by a variety of locally owned restaurants within Cornwall, showcasing customized menus for the event. Chefs participating are taking the opportunity to show off their skills and talents, by specially designing three course meals of $22 and $28.

The main appeal to this event is the discounted meals although the Cornwall community will benefit as well by creating support and enthusiasm for local cuisine. Restaurants are hoping to generate a larger customer base and bring the focus back to locally owned businesses.

For more information visit www.swff.ca or www.ssff.ca or their Facebook page.

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