Ice storm damage minimal in Cornwall

An ice-covered tree in Lamoureux Park on Jan, 4, 2015 during a freezing rain event in Cornwall and SD&G. (Photo courtesy Sheri Mcauley)

Randi Belec

CORNWALL/SD&G – Luckily damages were few after the ice storm on Jan. 3. Outside of Cornwall seemed to have been harder than the city itself, with scattered power outages lasting a few hours. During the course of the storm on Sunday there were sporadic power outages in SD&G area, due to downed power lines, which were quickly taken care of by Hydro One.

In Cornwall, Mike Pescod at Cornwall Electric confirmed one power outage happened within the city after a tree branch fell on a power line from the Adolphus station. The outage at 11:32 a.m. Sunday morning affected 1,200 customers. The power was back on within the hour, said Pescod.

“There was not a lot (of damage) within the city, rain was our biggest headache.” said Bill de Wit, Cornwall Public Works, “We had some flooding issues, but they mostly took care of themselves, or staff went to unplug them.”

Drainage problems occurred mostly on primary streets such as Brookdale Avenue, where melting snow and rain were collecting over blocked catch basins and storm drains. Water and sewer staff easily cleared these blockages by shoveling the excess snow away and allowing the water to properly drain through. Some residential areas experienced blockages, although these issues mostly resolved on their own, or from the regular snow removal services.

The storm caused several traffic incidents within the United Counties, three of which were related to downed power lines, or trees. SD&G O.P.P. officers responded to a total of 40 calls for service regarding collisions and vehicles in ditches or medians. There were 19 calls from Stormont, five calls from Dundas, and 13 calls from Glengarry.

With the cold weather continuing for the week, a few tips for staying warm and safe are: to wear layers, cover your extremities, and sand the icy areas in your walk and driveways.

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