COMMENTARY: Never forgetting a national weather event

An ice-covered tree in Lamoureux Park on Jan, 4, 2015 during a freezing rain event in Cornwall and SD&G. (Photo courtesy Sheri Mcauley)

I’m Bill Kingston with today’s commentary. Sunday’s freezing rain storm brought back a lot of memories from 15 years ago for a lot of people. The eerie coincidence that a major freezing rain event would happen on the same day as the Great Ice Storm of 1998. I lived in Northern Ontario at the time but my grandparents lived in Iroquois so I have heard the stories of residents going weeks without power, the destruction and the people and livestock that perished. As former Standard-Freeholder reporter Kathleen Hay put it in a posting about the storm on Facebook, “when you lived through the ice storm here, it is a very difficult date and period to forget.” But it’s also a time to remember the good that happened in this region. How a community came together to help their fellow man and woman. While it looks like the damage from Sunday’s storm is nothing like we experienced in 1998, it’s good to reflect and know that, had something worse had happened, our community would come together in a time of need just like it did back then. It’s good, never to forget.

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