COMMENTARY: Israel-Palestine peace won’t happen with Hamas around

I’m Bill Kingston with today’s commentary. If this week’s developments in the Palestinian Territory are any indication, the peace-killing Hamas group continues to promote and perpetuate violence in the Gaza Strip. A group of children with adult chaperones were turned away at the border on Sunday as they tried to enter Israel for a peace mission. The event was agreed to by Arab and Israeli officials to show the 37 children – many of whom with parents killed in the conflict – “that we can live in peace.” A Hamas spokesman said they wanted to protect the culture of “our children and our people” and said a peaceful trip would never happen again. This is the same group that fought a 50-day war this summer that saw 2,100 Palestinians and 72 Israelis die in the conflict including disrupting the lives of millions of innocents. This appears to be just the beginning of another deadly conflict as Hamas’ military wing has kicked off a public relations campaign with its sights set of Jerusalem. With Hamas in the picture, the chances of an ever-lasting peace, something many wish for every new year, are dim if non-existent.

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