South Stormont winter parking ban might start with warnings

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LONG SAULT – A proposed on-street overnight parking ban in South Stormont may start off with warnings for motorists.

South Stormont councillors discussed the proposal to prohibit overnight parking on township roads from Nov. 1 to April 1 during the overnight hours of midnight to 7 a.m.

The fine for violators would be $35.

No law has been passed and it could be months before one is on the books.

Coun. Richard Waldroff asked if the township is prepared with signs to put up at the entrances to the municipality to tell motorists of the restrictions should the law be passed.

Municipal Law Enforcement Officer Andrew Downing says they don’t have the signs prepared but it wouldn’t be an issue to get them.

Waldroff also wondered if there was an option to give out warnings during a period of educating the public if the bylaw passes this winter.

Downing says it’s an option and the “first step is to educate people…(we need to) move cautiously.”

“We don’t want to come down too hard on people,” Deputy Mayor Tammy Hart added.

The township has tried to issue warnings in the past under the Highway Traffic Act but it’s had minimal success, according to the report before council Wednesday night.

Coun. David Smith was worried about repeat offenders not getting the message from the warnings and the liability should their vehicles get hit by a snowplow.

The proposed bylaw is expected to come back at a future council meeting, possibly as early as next month.

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