Funding of South Stormont News on chopping block

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LONG SAULT – South Stormont councillors vote tonight (Wednesday) on whether to cut advertising dollars to a start-up print venture in the township.

A dispute last winter over spending $10,600 in advertising on the South Stormont News came to a head in March when a group of residents packed the council chamber.

Lead by South Stormont resident Richard Currier, they tried to submit a petition, but it was tossed out by then-Mayor Bryan McGillis.

Some residents were upset with the publication because of its relationship to the Cornwall Free News and its operator Jamie Gilcig.

The advertising agreement – and whether there even was a contract – also created a firestorm during the municipal election.

Shortly after the Oct. 27 vote, Deputy Mayor Tammy Hart told the Seaway News, one of her first items of business would be to rescind the ad money.

The resolution before council Wednesday night states that the Municipal Act defines roles for the council which include representing the public, including “the well-being and interest of the municipality.”

It further states that the discontinuation of advertising with the South Stormont News and the Cornwall Free News is being done in good faith.

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