Lawsuits planned for two other people: Frost

Cornwall councillor Brock Frost says he has filed a lawsuit against website operator Jamie Gilcig, shown here in an Oct. 9, 2014 mayoral debate. Frost says he plans to sue two people. (Cornwall Newswatch/File)

CORNWALL – City councillor Brock Frost says he has filed his defamation lawsuit against website operator Jamie Gilcig.

Frost is seeking $14,982.75 in damages from a lost real estate deal, plus $25,000 in punitive damages.

In doing so, the councillor says he intends to file similar suits against two other individuals in the coming days, though their names were not disclosed.

Frost says a criminal investigation is being conducted as well, although Cornwall police won’t confirm it as their policy is not to disclose investigations until charges are laid.

The councillor also wanted to address the general public. This is his unedited statement:

“You have elected me to lead this city. You have elected me to make Cornwall a better place and this is a mandate that I take very seriously.

I want to live in a city where the spread of hatred doesn’t exist, where rumours are stopped in their tracks and lies are simply ignored.

I have been patiently waiting, and watching, as the lies and rumours poor in from Mr Gilcig and others. I have been accused of numerous allegations which are just complete and utter nonsense. Jealousy is a powerful emotion. One that quickly becomes an obsession and festers in to hate. There are consequences to the words we say and in the end, justice will always prevail.

I am asking the citizens of Cornwall to speak up now. If you have ever been slandered, lied about, viciously attacked or harrassed by Mr Gilcig, or any other person for that matter, please send me your story.

It is time Cornwall rids itself of the incessant hatred and spread of lies that has plagued our city for years now. If we only spent as much time working as we did gossiping, we would all have one fantastic place to call home.

None of the allegations against Gilcig has been proven in court.

A request for comment from Gilcig was not returned.

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