History made as warden reelected at United Counties

Counties councillor Bill McGimpsey, right, places his vote in the ballot box on Dec. 5, 2014 as County Clerk Helen Thomson, left, supervises the election. After two rounds of voting, which both ended in 6-6 ties, Thomson had to conduct a draw, picking Eric Duncan as warden. (Cornwall Newswatch/Bill Kingston)

SD&G – North Dundas Mayor Eric Duncan is back as the head of council for the United Counties of Stormont-Dundas-Glengarry and has made history in the process.

Duncan faced a runoff Friday morning at the United Counties building in Cornwall against North Glengarry Deputy Mayor Jamie MacDonald.

Two rounds of votes by counties councillors come back both times in a 6-6 tie.

Duncan, who was picked through a draw by County Clerk Helen Thomson, becomes the first warden in counties history to serve two consecutive terms.

Traditionally, the warden used to serve a one year term but the law was changed recently to allow wardens to be reelected for a second year.

Duncan tells Cornwall Newswatch he wants to continue with the work that’s been started.

“One year goes by very fast. You pick priorities and you pick initiatives and by the time you get revved up or things get moving you’re gone and somebody else is in. Not that the next person is necessarily bad but they may have different priorities,” Duncan said.

Duncan said the foundation is laid from the previous term and he hopes to build on the idea of shared services, a similar viewpoint of Cornwall Mayor Leslie O’Shaughnessy.

“Shared services between our local townships, shared services between our local townships and the county and our shared services between the county and the city. And there’s just so many things that we duplicate and we do the same thing and we don’t need to,” the warden said.

Duncan says he also wants to build on more communication between SD&G, the media and the public.

A formal inauguration ceremony for Duncan will happen Friday Dec. 12 at 11:30 a.m. at the United Counties building at 26 Pitt Street.

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