Madden backs out $40K River Kings deal: Frost

CORNWALL – A deal to sell the Cornwall River Kings hockey club to the team’s trainer has evidently fell flat with the former owner leveling some serious accusations.

Darren Madden had been announced as the team’s new owner on Nov. 23.

But outgoing owner Brock Frost released copies Thursday of the $40,000 agreement.

A screen capture of an email dated Dec. 3 shows correspondence from Darren Madden to LNAH head Michel Godin.

“Please be advised that I will not be pursuing my application for ownership of the Cornwall River Kings,” the email states.

Frost also released screen captures evidently showing text messages between him and Madden as well as credit card statements, alleging Madden had used the LNAH hockey team’s credit card for personal use.

Among the charges in the credit card statement include $60 at a convenience store, $142.22 for an automobile insurance company and bank withdrawals of several hundred dollars which have been labeled as cash advances by Frost.

The city councillor admits Madden has not done anything illegal.

“Darren technically didn’t do anything illegal. He stole money from the team, which he owned outright,” Frost wrote in an email to Cornwall Newswatch.

Cornwall Police Const. Dan Cloutier could not confirm whether there was a police investigation, stating their policy does not permit release of any information unless someone is charged.

An email to Darren Madden requesting comment had not been immediately returned.

Frost is trying to clear the air over the financial health of the team, saying he left the team in good financial standing before the deal on Nov. 20.

“So, what did I do wrong exactly?,” Frost states in a news release, “What Mr. Madden needs to understand is that you do not get two weeks to be pretend owner, spend the team’s money, accumulate debt and then walk away completely unscathed.”

It’s not known what happens now with the hockey team, which is scheduled to host Sorel-Tracy at the Ed Lumley Arena on Saturday night.

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